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What is the Cart?

The cart accommodates customer needs just like the shopping cart. The customer gets to add all the articles he/she is interested in, in the cart. After which he/she can proceed to the purchase or even store for an ulterior time. 

Adding articles to the Chris Carter Fashion Cart

  • Browse articles found in Shop
  • Choose an item and click on it,
  • Head on to choosing the colour and size if applicable,
  • Click on  the “Add to cart” button found next to the chosen article,
  • In case the client needs many product, he/she just has to go back to the shop,
  • Form there, browse through the other articles and keep adding to the cart till he/she has got everything.

And that is it. The customer can then proceed to the purchase of the products in the cart. This can simply be done by following the instructions on the purchase page and the different payment methods.

Browsing through the cart

Once more, the Chris Carter Fashion cart works just like the classical cart. After adding all needed items, a user can actually go through every item in order to check if he/she has not made any mistakes. The cart has thus, the following functionalities:

  • Items an be added and subtracted
  • A customer can crosscheck his or her items before heading on to purchase
  • Carts are individual, so need not to worry about someone else using it